As part of the audition process, we are accepting ‘self-tape auditions’. This involves video recording a scene and sending it to us via email.
STEP-BY-STEP Guide for Application:
  1. Download the scene by clicking here: “Scene”
  2. Please have your child/applicant learn lines off by heart for the role of TOM.
  3. When ready to film, choose a place where there is good light and a clear background.  Filming can be simply done with a clear camera phone, camcorder or using the video setting on a digital camera. Do not film too far away, we need to see his face clearly.
  4. Please have your child/applicant state their NAME, AGE and DATE OF BIRTH clearly as an introduction to the scene.
  5. Have someone read the lines for the other roles in the scene, but NOT the stage directions.
  6. Once the self tape audition has been filmed, please name the video clip file as per example below:
    FRED SMITH-TOM-SELF TAPE (name of child-character name-SELF TAPE)
    PLEASE NOTE: The video must not exceed 100MB and should be sent as .mov or .mp4 file formats only.  We will not accept other formats.
  7. Please title the email with the same title as the audition tape, plus within the body of the email include;
    -Child’s name
    -Parent/Agent contact details.
  8. Send clip to us via email.  You can attach the video to the email (compress if too large to attach) and send to:

Casting is now Closed. Thank you.

We will come back to you should we wish to take it to the next stage.

Good luck!

Dixie Chassay Casting